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Health Impact Series: The Practice Apprenticeship Part 2



Our series with with Dr. Garrett Chan commemorating the anniversary of the publication of Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation concludes with these presentations from two outstanding educators who have insights on improving the Practice Apprenticeship in these challenging times of the Covid Pandemic. We begin with a critique of the Nursing Process as a clinical reasoning model and talk about how Practice Apprenticeship can support the development of the kinds of clinical reasoning that more closely match how nurses clinically think and reason and make nursing graduates more “practice-ready.”

Dr. Lisa Day encourages that we engage in more upstream thinking in the practice apprenticeship to prevent disease and injury rather than just treat them acutely after the fact. She recommends fuller inclusion of the family in the care of the patient. She also encourages nurse educators, nursing students, and nurses alike to promote healthier communities. Dr. Day points out that studying the practice of nursing requires that we teach our students to pay attention to what is particular in the care of each patient. She encourages educators to create a dialogue between the particular and the general in both the classroom and clinical settings in order for students to become astute clinicians who know how to notice and respond to the particular in every clinical situation. She would have nurse educators work harder to include issues of improved equity in health care and health care education.

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