Diane's Class

The Three Professional Apprenticeships Part 2

Teaching for a Sense of Salience and Situated Coaching   This module goes more in depth about the tacit, experientially-gained knowledge in understanding whole clinical situations. What distinguishes a professional nurse and one who has only read about nursing are the deep background understanding and the ability to perceive the particular challenges in actual clinical …

Lisa Day Teaching

The Three Professional Apprenticeships Part 1

Integrating Classroom and Clinical Teaching by Using Unfolding Case Studies Unfolding case studies: situate the student’s thinking and action in particular, actual clinical situations help the student engage in situated thinking and action help the teacher engage in situated coaching

Sarah Shannon Teaching

The Three Professional Apprenticeships Part 3

Teaching for Ethical Comportment, Moral Imagination and Formation This lesson focuses on the Third Apprenticeship – demonstrating how good clinical practice must have the student take an active role in their own formation. The importance of embodied, skilled, know-how learned in situated practices is emphasized. Experiential learning and actually using knowledge in a particular situation is …