Dr. Benner on Nursing Process & Clinical Reasoning Process

VIDEO: Teaching Clinical Reasoning – Helping Students Become More Test and Practice-Ready



Patricia Benner on the nature of clinical reasoning, and the importance focusing on key aspects of clinical reasoning in practice: situational awareness, rapid clinical reasoning, and thinking-in-action.

A better understanding and teaching of clinical reasoning will make students more test-ready and more practice-ready. This is especially relevant to help new graduates for the upcoming National Council State Boards of Nursing Next Generation RN NCLEX Exam and the new AACN Essentials Document emphasis on clinical reasoning and work-role competencies (AACN Essentials Document, 2021). With all this emphasis on clinical reasoning, it is a good time to thoughtfully consider how we are defining, teaching, and improving clinical reasoning in nursing education.

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video shot on site and at the courtesy of UNLV School of Nursing

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