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Social Justice, Civic Professionalism, and Interprofessional Collaboration

This is a condensed version of the Association of Bioethics and Humanities Plenary Dialogue, September 2014  with Dr. Patricia Benner and Dr. John R. Stone. The discussion addresses the need for more inclusiveness and social justice in the current health care system.  Strategies for addressing this need include focusing on the health of the population, extending health delivery beyond clinic walls and better collaboration between physicians and nurses, full utilization of all health care professionals, a more Democratic professionalism in the form of Civic Professionalism and interprofessional education. Faculty may want to select portions of this dialogue for use in class as a discussion trigger, or assign the whole dialogue for students to view prior to coming to class.

Approx. Running Time 39 min.

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  1. Thank you Dr. Benner. I have recommended that our graduate student’s view this video in both our Policy and Ethics, as well as our Advanced Nursing Leadership courses.

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