Health Impact Update: The Cognitive & Practice Apprenticeships pt. 2



Two very powerful videos in this series deal with combatting racism in healthcare policy and practice as well as how to integrate and inspire effective teamwork among the healing professions. The Cognitive Apprenticeship videos show why these two topics are so interwoven. Drs. Kenya Beard and Meg Zamorodi demonstrate the framework and the steps needed to integrate interprofessional networking throughout the curriculum, rather than viewing these disciplines as an “add-on”. In the third installment, Dr. Patricia Benner provides context from the groundbreaking Carnegie study on nursing education and the panel answer questions from this webinar. You’ll also find powerful resources included in the newsletter and within the superimposed information on the videos themselves.

This series of insights from noted nurse educators stems from a webinar that marked the 10-year anniversary of the landmark study by The Carnegie Foundation on nursing education. and The Benner Institute for Teaching and Learning hosted scholars who addressed the three professional apprenticeships.

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