Filming Inner-City Health

This is a Canadian, Award Winning documentary about a nurse’s work in the inner city of Toronto.  Great discussion triggers for trauma and Emergency Department, and for population health.  Could be also an assignment to review the entire website. Katrina Cizek’ is an award winning journalist who follows Ellen, a nurse working with a policeman in the inner city streets of Toronto.  Could be a homework assignment and a discussion trigger. “Katrina Cizek received a degree in anthropology from McGill University. She has produced and directed for CBC-Radio and CBC-Television, and her writing has been published in Walrus Magazine, THIS Magazine, Video for Change (a book published by Pluto Press in the U.K.), an upcoming textbook by McGraw-Hill in the USA, and an forthcoming book on film in Germany in 2007. She also lectures widely. Cizek is both Czech and Canadian, and currently lives in Toronto.”  This is an unforgettable film experience that will make your class come alive!



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