Discussion Triggers Starting Point

This collection of videos are great examples of “discussion triggers” which can be used in large classrooms and smaller seminar discussions. We seek to illustrate the pedagogy of planned dialogical conversation that is engaged and connected, that can follow these thought-provoking videos with some advanced coaching from the Teacher.  Faculty can find other discussion triggers from many sources. For example, film clips from documentaries, or movies, excerpted portions from an interview (See the Benner and Stone dialogue from the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities below) a controversial debate, portions of TED Talks and many more.  Discussion triggers gather the students together to focus on a topic as it is presented in the brief video, narrative, film clip and so on.  The discussion trigger focuses the discussion on the issues raised in the video or film excerpt

Please read the article on EducatingNurses.com “Interprofessional Education and Civic Professionalism for Improving Health Care: And an Introduction to Discussion Triggers.” for more about the pedagogy of engaged, connected dialogue and Interprofessional Collaboration and Civic Professionalism.

Additional materials can be found here.

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