Email Verification

Thank You!

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You should receive an email shortly where you can click on the link to verify your email.  Then, each membership is manually verified, so you may have a short wait before you are granted access.

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Instructor Account

If you are setting up an Instructor account, you will be able to access the account as soon as you confirm your email and we are able to verify your membership.  Please remember to check back in regularly as we will be adding new content throughout the year.

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Institutional/Administrative Account

If you are setting up an Institutional account you can email this link to your faculty so they can begin creating their personal accounts.  Accounts will be authorized as soon as we receive a PO number.  It is recommended that you do not send the link out until the Purchase Order is released.

We also recommend placing a link to our site on your faculty webpage to ensure that they get the most of the membership as new material is continually being added to the website.


If you do not get the email within a day please double check your account info, contact your administrator, and/or email us at