CE Modules

These videos introduce a number of current concepts and findings in education research, particularly from the Carnegie national Study of Nursing Education, which resulted in the  best-selling book: Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation.

The goal is to make the concepts, many of which are new in educational research (such as situated cognition, situated coaching) come alive, so that teachers can see what the concepts look like in practice through examples.

The Three Apprenticeships held in common by all professions are:

  1. The Cognitive Apprenticeship in Theory and Science
  2. The Practice Apprenticeship (which focuses on being an excellent practitioner)
  3. Transformative Teaching (helps the student of the particular professional ethically comport themselves in actual practice and become persons of character, discipline, skill, and commitment)

Examples of these concepts are clarified and illustrated in each module.

How to take a CE Course